Welcome at Kijkduinhuis!

Dear Guest,


We wish you a fantastic stay in our Kijkduinhuis (Bungalow 188 at Kijkduinpark). On this page you will find all kind of information to enhance your stay. You can find manuals from the appliances as well as some tour information etc. etc.

Most important things are:


Contact me for any questions through WhatsApp:

Patrick +31633085217


Wifi information

Netwerk Stern188

Password Welcome@188


Map of the park: Map Kijkduinpark

Kijkduinpark - Kijkduinhuis nummer 188

Cycling Tip

With the bike: Parkenroute The Hague

Cycling through parks, country estates, recreational areas and neighborhood parks in The Hague.



Cycling tip 2

This cycling route (52 km) introduces you to the surprisingly green surroundings of The Hague. The area around The Hague and Wassenaar (close to the coast and political capital) has been a popular region for estates and country houses for centuries. There is still a lot to see here. The wooded estates and historic buildings that you will encounter along the way show you a completely different side of the otherwise busy Randstad.


Haagse Landgoederenroute

Safety rules


  • Smoking is only allowed outside (please, use the ashtray)
  • Use candles only when present in the house, not close to curtains
  • Fire-extinguisher in the hall
  • Fire-blanket on the wall in the kitchen

Emergency and accidents

Emergency procedure: 

  1. Make sure you are safe!
  2. Call the emergency number: 112 or, if not life threatening the police at 0900 - 8844
  3. Your location is: Kijkduinpark, Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 450 Kijkduin, Bungalow 188
  4. If there is a power cut or a local incident at the park visit or call the reception at +31 70 - 4482100

Fuse box

The fuse box of Kijkduinhuis is located in the storage in the white closet. If there is an electricity failure, it might be a safety switch. You can switch it on again to restore the power. If all electricity is off, you need to contact the reception. There is a main safety switch outside the bungalow and that one can only restored bij the staff of the reception.


Important telephone numbers:


Hospital: Haga Ziekenhuis

Address: Els Borst-Eilersplein 275, 2545 AA Den Haag (open 24/h)

Phone: +31 70 210 0000 


Pharmacy: Zuid-Hollandse Apotheek Service (ZHAS)

Address: Alphons Diepenbrockhof 37c, 2551 KG Den Haag

Phone: +31 70 205 0251


Dentist: Dental365

Address: Burgemeester Hovylaan 78, 2552 AZ Den Haag

Phone: +31 70 204 0010


Veterinary: Dierenkliniek De Duinen

Address: Arnoldspoelstraat 110, 2553 CN Den Haag

Phone: +31 70 412 6965


Road Service: ANWB

Phone: +31 88 269 2888


 Taxi: Download Uber in AppStore or Playstore

What to expect

Instructions Appliances

We have manuals and instructions for the following appliances. You will find a QR code on the appliance and can use your mobile to quickly retrieve the manual (some are unfotunately in Dutch).


Central Heating Nest Thermostat
Coffee Machine Nespresso 
Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven



Storage room  


Washing Machine  Washing Machine 

Tip: Blow Beach House

On the southernmost stretch of beach in The Hague, where the Sand motor and the North Sea meet you will find BLOW Beach House. A special place, for a special beach house. No being seen and seen with us, but a relaxed place with a unique atmosphere where everyone can be themselves.


Website: Blow Beachhouse


Blow Beach House

Tip: Taste of Kijkduin

Whether you want to enjoy a tasty lunch or a quick snack…. Team Taste is ready for you! We are always looking for the ultimate balance between taste, experience and price. Welcome to Taste of Kijkduin, delicious fresh fries, traditional snacks, richly filled sandwiches, milkshake or just a delicious freshly ground cup of coffee. Whether you want to fully enjoy the moment or just grab a quick coffee to go, our passionate team is ready for you! Welcome to the world of tender burgers, luxurious sandwiches, Burgundian snacks, artisan fries and freshly ground coffee.


Website: Taste of Kijkduin


Tip: The Winehouse

Welcome to the Wine House - An unforgettable experience
Robust, chic and international. Put these words together and you get The Wine House. A trendy and unique concept that consists of a Wine Bar, a tasting room and an adjoining wine shop.


Website: The Winehouse


The Winehouse